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Bean to Bar - Under 80% cocoa solids

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DARK BEAN TO BAR under 80% cocoa solids
  • The manufacturing process from raw or fermented bean to bar i.e. roasting, grinding, refining and conching, may be owned and controlled by a single business; or the product may be produced in partnership between a grower and a manufacturer; or the product may be made from beans purchased from a grower or an intermediary, but the entire manufacturing process from roast to bar must be owned and controlled by a single business.  Please outline which best describes your product, naming any partners in production, in the 'Description' box provided.
  • A minimum of 60% and maximum of 79% cocoa solids is required.
  • The bar must not contain any artificial additives.  Lecithin is permitted.
  • No vegetable fat, other than cocoa butter, is permitted.
  • No vanilla or salt is permitted in this category; please enter all bars containing vanilla and/or salt in the Flavoured Bars category.
  • Bars with the inclusion of cacao nibs should also be entered in the Flavoured Bars category.
  • Where a bar is deliberately 'coarse ground' please indicate this; it will be relayed to the judges.
  • Please submit chocolate bars to a minimum total weight of 250g.
  • Please submit bars as sold for retail; bars submitted in actual retail packaging will be considered automatically for a Bar Packaging award.
Multiple entries are permitted.