We constantly challenge and support chefs with the right products, tools, and information to help them perform and excel. Our purpose is to elevate the creativity of chefs through unlocked cacao’s sensorial richness.

We help chefs become explorers and creators.

We improve your creativity, reinforce our bonds, heighten your visibility, and boost the growth of your business to help you become explorers. It’s the anchor of everything we do.

To meet the needs of our audience or chefs, we use a range of products, including:

  • Pure cocoa-based products
  • Different types of chocolates
  • Textural and ready-to-use items
  • Praline and nut products

Challenge your status quo with the right products, tools, trends, recipes, aromatic flavor pairings, trends, recipes, and stage to shine.

We encourage and unbox your creativity.

Milk Chocolate

The milk chocolate regarded widely as the most popular type of chocolate among many quarters. It’s that light-brown colored, creamy texture, sweet-flavored chocolate we all know from childhood.

Dark Chocolate

Often considered as the second most popular chocolate, it is notable for its black color, and semisweet taste.

White Chocolate

The cream and ivory colors of white chocolate make it easy to identify. Sugar, cocoa butter, milk, vanilla, and lecithin are significant ingredients of white chocolate.

Ruby Chocolate

The flavor is predominantly fruity. Its makeup is about 47% cocoa content and about 23% milk content.