The Mission of the Academy of Chocolates

Based online, we focus on reaching out to many people interested in learning about chocolates.

Our mission is to help you become a chocolatier today.

But how?

Our professional chef instructors help guide you to learn everything you’d love to know about chocolates, including:

  • Innovative techniques

  • Crystallization

  • Simple and classic recipes

  • Elaborated, trendy creations.

We’re part of the network of Chocolate Academy in teaching chocolate courses. We’ve been in the industry for over three decades.

Our teaching experience is like no other. Aspiring pastry chefs, expert chefs, and chocolatiers take up our chocolate courses to reach their maximum potential.

Our audience benefits from the deep knowledge we share on rare and fine chocolates. Learn to choose, roast, and grind whole cacao beans to make great tasting chocolates.

We help you create chocolates that’ll never let you down but support the preparation and production of great outcomes each time.

Sustainable chocolate

We believe that every chocolatier is committed to the creation of amazing chocolates today. Our company has partnered with other chocolate producers to help them become powerful chocolatiers.

We support different business foundations with chocolates at heart. Young farmers learn about the best practices in agriculture to resemble future lucrative farms.

We curate our courses and curriculum for passionate chefs and enthusiasts with great talents to do wonders. Our audience comes from various parts of the world.

Hand gestures help us teach our audience to learn and repeat the knowledge and skills gained. The beauty of our videos and pictures reflect our passion and love for food.

We understand that it takes an entire village to present amazing chocolate creations. We thank our partners for their dedication and commitment to deliver wonderful chocolate creations.

High quality companies and great artisans rise from our chocolate academy to be the best of themselves and what they do.

Chocolate Academy helps our audiences to understand different types of chocolates to make informed decisions when making selections. Fresh fruits and treats are also used in making some chocolates. We show you how to add them to your chocolates.

Together with personalization, honesty, top-notch caring services and transparency, our audience receive a winning combination of knowledge. We make presentations and support you in making eye-catching patterns.

We share tips on how to indulge in your chocolate meals. We recommend generous and multiple servings with hand-picked fruits for a taste like no other. We’re dedicated to offering you top quality gourmet recipes to produce the likes of Belgian Chocolate or even better.

The creamiest chocolates taste the best and that’s what you learn to prepare from our Chocolate Academy. We also show you how to incorporate chocolate into various dishes. The information we offer helps you understand what chocolates are made of.

Above all, we stress on daily practice of the ancient art and customer service like never before.

Our Vision of the Academy of Chocolates

Over 200 professional and pastry chefs have passed through our catering service. You learn what it takes to develop a good reputation internationally.

Our vision is to transfer the know-how, knowledge, and techniques to people with similar interests worldwide. As a result, the knowledge you gain support product development, including:

  • Product concepts

  • New products

  • Recipes packaging

  • Training events

  • Packaging

We have professional expectations to meet. They include:

  • Creativity

  • Quality

  • Ingredients knowledge

  • Process leadership

Our vision also involves constantly interacting with craftsmen and those who are passionate about the soul and heart. Weekly theoretical and practical events such as:

  • Demonstrations

  • Course trainings

  • Technical help

We cover all topics such as:

  • Plate desserts

  • Chocolate bonbons

  • Sculptures

  • Chocolate technology

  • Entremets

  • Decorations

The closeness of local markets and how you market your products to stay in touch and communicate is not in vain. We show you how and the essence of chocolates to attain your unique needs.

Whether you’re interested in learning about chocolates and everything that has to do with them or just want a few tips here and there, your needs are covered.