Panning (Chocolate) – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Chocolate & Pastry Industry Terms Glossary

I. What is Panning in the Chocolate Industry?

Panning is a technique used in the chocolate industry to coat various centers, such as nuts, fruits, or candies, with a layer of chocolate. This process involves placing the centers in a rotating drum or pan and slowly adding layers of chocolate until the desired thickness is achieved. Panning is a labor-intensive process that requires precision and skill to ensure each center is evenly coated.

II. How is Panning Used in Chocolate Production?

Panning is a common technique used in chocolate production to create a variety of chocolate-covered treats. The process begins by placing the centers, such as nuts or fruits, in a rotating drum or pan. The centers are then coated with a layer of liquid chocolate, which hardens as it cools. This process is repeated multiple times to achieve the desired thickness of the chocolate coating.

III. What Equipment is Needed for Panning?

To successfully pan chocolate, several pieces of equipment are required. These include a rotating drum or pan, a heating source to melt the chocolate, and a cooling system to help the chocolate harden. Additionally, specialized tools such as a tempering machine and a chocolate enrober may be used to ensure the chocolate coating is smooth and evenly distributed.

IV. What Types of Ingredients are Used in Panning?

In addition to chocolate, a variety of ingredients can be used in panning to create unique and flavorful treats. Some common ingredients include nuts, fruits, candies, and even spices. These ingredients are carefully selected to complement the flavor of the chocolate and create a delicious and satisfying treat.

V. What are Some Common Panning Techniques?

There are several techniques that can be used in panning to create different textures and flavors. One common technique is layering, where multiple layers of chocolate are added to the centers to create a thick coating. Another technique is sugar panning, where a layer of sugar is added to the centers before the chocolate coating to create a crunchy texture. Additionally, flavoring agents such as extracts or oils can be added to the chocolate to enhance the overall taste of the treat.

VI. How is Panned Chocolate Used in the Pastry Industry?

Panned chocolate is a versatile ingredient that is commonly used in the pastry industry to create a variety of desserts and confections. Panned chocolate can be used as a topping for cakes and cupcakes, as a filling for pastries, or even as a standalone treat. Its crunchy texture and rich flavor make it a popular choice for pastry chefs looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their creations. Whether used as a garnish or a main ingredient, panned chocolate adds a delicious and decadent touch to any pastry dish.