Best Before Date – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Chocolate Certifications & Labels Glossary

Chocolate Certifications and Labels What is a Best Before Date? A best before date is a date stamped on food packaging that indicates the recommended date by which the product should be consumed for optimal quality. This date is not a strict deadline for consumption, but rather a guideline for when the product is at … Read more

Sourdough Discarding – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Baking Techniques Glossary

I. What is Sourdough Discarding? Sourdough discarding is a process in sourdough baking where a portion of the sourdough starter is removed and discarded before feeding it with fresh flour and water. This practice helps maintain the health and balance of the sourdough starter by preventing it from becoming too acidic or developing off-flavors. II. … Read more

Work Flow – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Chocolate & Pastry Industry Terms Glossary

I. What is Work Flow? Work flow refers to the sequence of steps or tasks that are necessary to complete a specific process or project. In the chocolate and pastry industry, work flow encompasses everything from sourcing ingredients to packaging finished products. It involves the coordination of various departments, such as production, quality control, and … Read more

Sequin Cake Technique – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Decorating Techniques In Baking Glossary

I. What is Sequin Cake Technique? The sequin cake technique is a popular decorating technique in baking that involves creating a shimmering, sequin-like effect on the surface of a cake. This technique is achieved by applying small, edible sequins or confetti to the surface of the cake, giving it a glamorous and eye-catching appearance. The … Read more

Chocolate Embossing – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Chocolate Making Processes Glossary

I. What is Chocolate Embossing? Chocolate embossing is a technique used in chocolate making to create intricate designs or patterns on the surface of chocolate. This process involves pressing a mold or stamp onto the surface of the chocolate to create a raised design. Chocolate embossing adds a decorative touch to chocolates, making them visually … Read more

Straight Dough Method – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Baking Techniques Glossary

I. What is Straight Dough Method? The Straight Dough Method is a simple and straightforward technique used in baking to create a variety of breads, rolls, and other baked goods. This method involves mixing all the ingredients together at once, without any pre-fermentation or pre-mixing steps. The dough is then kneaded, proofed, shaped, and baked … Read more